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Sooo, went to my first pride parade thingy in Dublin today. These are the events which I personally experienced. Don’t expect any wild rides or crazy stories. Just a heads up. Pretty dull stuff ahead.

  • Get fresh off the bus. Yay fun times, half naked people draped in rainbow flags everywhere!
  • Sharp pain in torso reminds me my bladder is at maximum urine capacity. Refused to use the bus’s toilet because I’m not peeing in a small box surrounded by people sitting quietly who know what I’m doing in there. Half-sprint into McDonalds to make use of their toilet facilities. Learned that everything seems so much happier and brighter when one of your vital organs isn’t about to rupture.
  • Proceed to walk under a tree while making my way to a shop when a bird suddenly flies out of it, shaking the branches. The leaves seemed to have been laden with the payload of a thousand pigeons, for their rustling drops a torrent of white droppings directly on my person. Fantastic. First pride parade, I’m wearing dark clothing, and I have mysterious white stains all over me. Well, ok, only one large one hit me on my trouser leg, and a few smaller speckles scattered my jumper. Luckily I was walking at the outer edge of the tree so most of them missed me. But still! It didn’t look good :/
  • Back into the McDonalds bathroom to return my clothes to a state where they don’t look like I’ve creamed myself without me noticing.
  • Follow the parade to Merriam Square Park where on three occasions groups of girls stop to talk to me for some reason. One of them said she thought I was a good person(?). That was after talking to me for literally 10 seconds, so I don’t know how seriously that opinion should be considered tbh… Overall people were really, very friendly and nice. Didn’t meet a single negative person.
  • Guy wearing a rainbow flag and large sunglasses asking for cigarette places his hand on my shoulder. Physical contact with people I don’t know makes me feel uncomfortable. Also, large, dark sunglasses are irritating because it blocks out half their facial expressions (i.e. their eyebrows & eyes). Ugh, makes it even more difficult to talk to them. Seemed like a nice guy though. Again, very friendly. Very camp too, my God. Never before have I seen more camp people in one place in my life.
  • Spend the rest of the evening meandering around the city. Mostly looking at the architecture, which sounds really boring. Eventually it did loose its wild, thrilling excitement tbh. Those streets lined with old Georgian town houses are strangely beautiful and slightly creepy at the same time, and we don’t get grand buildings like the government buildings in the countryside, so they were nice to see too.

Overall, it was an ok experience. I imagine the actual pride stuff would be a lot more fun if I went with people I knew, rather than going on my own, but the freedom was nice. First time being in a big city on my own like that which felt kind of liberating :D

I don’t know why I’m posting this btw. Very bored, I guess.

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Oh my God, if you have an Oculus Rift you can live through the Catbus bus stop scene from My Neighbour Totoro O_O

Here’s some guy playing through it:

Also the boiler room scene from Spirited Away:

Need. Need now…

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If any of you are looking for a good web comic to get into, Back is just starting up and it’s by two of my absolute favorite internet peoples, Anthony Clark ( nedroidcomics ) and KC Green. ( gunshowcomic )

Yes. Is good. Read now.


They forgot to put a comma on the prompter at the BBC newsroom.

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Tina Belcher :3

Tina Belcher :3

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Well this isn’t terrifying at all…

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